Diving into the Pitcrew.

The pitcrew at Lights Out is like a sports team with one hyper-focused goal: customer delight. That’s our north star metric.


Why are we Lights Out?

Awestruck and inspired by the largest motor racing phenomena in the world, Formula One, we named our creative studio – Lights Out. The studio started taking shape a few years back and has now transformed into a human-centered & design-solution led powerhouse. We draw inspiration from the technological advancement, team systems and driver passion in Formula One and have built our entire machinery to pace down the race track.

How We Work

What Differentiates Us

Focus on Profitability:

Revenue is fuel, but profitability is longevity & sustenance. In a world where it’s easy to be swayed by vanity metrics of acquisition, we’re focussed on profits. It’s what allows us to build a long-term outlook, whilst focussing on vertical integration and growth.

Value and not Volume:

Be it working with businesses that we can add value to or the size of our team, we’re focussed on quality and not quantity. Lesser team members who feel accomplished every single day as well as working with fewer (selective) customers to go far into adding value to their lifecycle.


We’ve adopted the model of working with independent contributors across the spectrum. With that mindset, we’re able to bring in specialists like behavioural psychologists, data scientists or even experiential designers as part of our extended team on every project.

Team Culture:

With an obsession over mental health across our culture, we operate like a sports team in every sense. Bouts of highly productive working hours every day, unwinding over weekends and analysing the wins & losses through the journey. We value ownership & productivity over micro-management & burn-out.

our team

Key Leadership

Saksham Mendiratta

Business Growth

Adil Singh

Experience Design