Senior UI Designer

Lights Out is hiring a Senior UI Designer with a deep understanding of Direct to Consumer products and brands. As part of our dynamic team, you will work in a collaborative and supportive environment that fosters individual and professional growth. As an individual, you'll help build & nurture products fostering a strong focus on aesthetics & function

3+ Years

About the Job

We're looking for someone who has a proven track record in visual design with experience in building design systems & setting art direction.

You'd be expected to work alongside and guide other members in the team across the design process set-forth. You'd be in a position to steer design direction and set the path in which design decisions are being taken. This includes managing stakeholders across the board.

We work with designers who can see it all through, from ideas to designs to the finished product. You should be able to work across art direction to designing interfaces of Mobile and Web applications. At Lights out every problem we solve is design led, so you’ll have a lot of influence and impact right away.

UI design and experience is at the heart of everything we do. As a Senior UI designer, you’ll be working on Mobile and Web interfaces of some of the most groundbreaking and innovative companies. You might be improving an existing product with an established market fit, designing something totally brand new, or rethinking how we at Lights Out do something at the core of our process.

You’ll be working with Lights Out’s core team of product designers along with some of our very talented friends around the globe. We do not shy away from collaborating or learning from the best in the Industry.

As Senior UI Designer you’ll set direction, take ownership, make calls, and see things through without a lot of oversight. You'll be in a position to define what the ideal next steps and direction can be whilst ensuring your team members also follow through.

You’ll be able to communicate clearly with your colleagues, work across teams, and lend a helping hand when needed.

You care about how well the product functions and is used by its users as much as you care about how they look.
Functionality matters as much as pixels for you. You see the beauty in designing delight for the users mapping their actual needs and not just designing beautiful things (that’s just art and not product design).

Benefits + Compensation

We Lights Out has a more entrepreneurial mindset that we like to fuel into our team. The base salary for this position, depending on your experience would be anywhere between

INR 10L to INR 15L per annum.

Benefits at Lights Out are all about helping you lead a healthy life outside of work. We believe quality time to focus on work starts with quality time to think, exercise, prepare a meal, be with family & friends, and of course, time to yourself.

We work 5-day work weeks, prefer you don’t schedule too many calls in one day, help you with medical insurance and don’t really have the concept of designated number of leaves. If you want a break, you take a break. Just manage your work, let your coworkers know and there’s no record of such leaves.

In addition, we offer incentives in two parts:

  • For every new account you win or extend, for the quality of work you’ve done, you get a direct % of the revenue
  • We also have the policy of team incentives. The whole team takes a percentage of the yearly profits home, after a 13 month cliff in the company