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Lights Out takes its inspiration from our parent organisation – Sector 7 HQ, which is a collaborative experiences venture. We believe that we (as individuals) may not have all the answers or solutions, but together we can create a higher impact.

The Process

We believe that there’s more to just assignments & conversations. We’re looking for collaborative people who love solving complex problems. If you have a portfolio, lead with it. If not, consider crafting a nontraditional cover letter that will help us understand your values.


We join hands with collaborators and like-minded innovators. Right from behavioral scientists to product engineers, we work across the spectrum to arrive at an experience that would stay in the consumer’s mind.

What We’re Not

We’re not a traditional ad agency. We don’t believe in compartmentalisation of client servicing, content or creative. The businesses we pick can’t really be categorised into realms of video production or package design. We are inherently in the business of servicing businesses and not customers.

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Open Profiles

Design Lead, Mumbai

If creating interactive designs excites you (and you are a natural leader) we've got the right profile for you.

Motion Graphics, Mumbai

Creating artwork for the digital landscape that grab attention, comes naturally to you.

International Business Development, London

We are looking at highly skilled and motivated people to work for us, on a contract basis for the moment. This would be a ‘commission only’ profile.

UI/UX Designer, Mumbai

If you are excited by working on products and creating interactive customer designs & enhancing customer experiences, you’ve come to the right place.

Can't locate your role?

Worry not, one never knows where passion can lead to. If you have a great idea that you wish to share with us or, you think you can contribute to our mission here – do leave your comment in the box below and our leads will call you right away.

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