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Saksham Mendiratta
The Anatomy of Landing Pages

Landing Pages are your way to help your customer cruise through the e-commerce sales funnel. This is your guide for every step of the way.


It’s Sunday again and we’re talking about Landing Pages today. I felt this topic deserved an independent mention given it’s adoption across consumer brands globally. So if you’re a high growth brand looking to optimise your customer acquisition, this step-by-step guide would help you build effective landing pages. Before that -

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In other news, we launched an exciting Landing Page for an EV Bicycle: Calamus and are currently running their ‘Join the Waitlist’ Campaign online. If you’re a technology enthusiast, you’d love this one.

My latest podcast with Kapil Verma, Chief Product Officer of Make My Trip, went live on Spotify & Youtube. Check it out here. What this episode covers is the bounce back of travel and especially MMT, right after we were hit by the pandemic in 2020. It would give chills down your spine to see the grit and knowledge that Kapil brings to the table.

Now on to the crux of this email: The Anatomy of a Landing Page:

First, what exactly would you need a Landing Page for?

A Landing Page (LP) is a customised page for your prospects, to understand everything about a specific product or service and have the option to buy it right there. It’s clutter-free, jargon-free and should have everything that your grandmother would need to make up her mind, to buy the product. We’ll assume that she’s technologically savvy.

A Landing Page does not really have to appear on the website to a customer who’s organically visiting your site. It’s meant for anyone who stumbles upon your site via an ad or a marketing activity, thereby verifying the ‘intent to purchase’ and not just discover.

Now LP’s have certain features in it’s User Flow (UX) that must not be compromised.

(I) Hero Banner / Above The Fold:

You’ve landed a prospect on a landing page. He’s on his mobile (definitely assume this). And he has 2.5 seconds before he bounces off. What would you give him to read, that makes him scroll down, below the fold. And hey, it’s not just any prospect, it’s your grandmother.

  1. Your brand’s offering, in Bold (Functional Teas)
  2. Your sub-offering right below (could be ingredients, an offer that you’re running specifically as part of a campaign or even your biggest differentiator if you’re in a cluttered market)
  3. Sticky bar right on top, to focus on an active CTA or an offer - since it’s sticky, it’ll stay with the prospect through his journey till the bottom (of the funnel).
  4. Add in reviews if you have or an award that you’ve won, right on top.
  5. Images: Use bold and your best images to showcase the product. If possible, use an image with the used case of the product, showcasing your core TG along with it.
  6. Finally, the CTA: keep it bold, with some micro-animation (possibly) and let the customer absorb what they’re actioning upon - whether it’s a form fill, an email signup or a direct buy.

Now that you’ve nailed your hero banner / ATF section, you’ve managed to keep your granny on the site for more than a few seconds. She’s interested. Start feeding her with everything she needs to know to finally make up her mind.

(II) Your WHY

This is where you brag about the product, through a powerful narrative. Remember, the WHY is what we’re focussing on and not the ‘what’. So more used case examples of why a customer would use it. So focus on your biggest of top 3 aspects here. Try and use some icons here if you have more than 1 point. Limit it to a max of 3.

(III) Brag Bar # 1

You could use this section to place your biggest bragging highlight: either reviews from customers, media coverage or any awards. Do note, you’re placing just your primary ‘brag bar’ here. You should spread it out across 2 sections and we’ll use other bragging content below.

(IV) Your Shop

It’s now time to hit the hammer on the head. This is where you monetise and close the funnel with your main shop section.

  1. Reiterate what you’re selling - your key product. Restrict it to 1-3 products or it’s variants.
  2. Give enough information on what the customer will receive.
  3. Try to show multiple views of the product, or even best, a video of the product in use. Try and give everything to the customer in one fold out here.

In case of a mobile site, showcase pretty much everything with the right visual hierarchy in the same fold. Something like this:

(V) Other Value Propositions

Use this section to showcase the usage of the product, if it’s not as easy to understand. Throw in a video or the right iconography + information on how to use the product.

(VI) Brag Bar # 2

Use this to use your secondary brag worthy content: could be what you’ve missed out on above: product or service ratings and most importantly customer reviews.

This is to reinforce used cases or reviews in the customer’s mind, just in case there was any doubt so far.

(VII) Footer

Keep your Landing Pages concise: end them with the right footer CTA’s and keep your LP footer minimal and clutter-free

  1. Links to your social media pages
  2. Email newsletter or a sign-up to a membership / community program
  3. Privacy / Terms of use, Returns, etc

Well, you have your landing page all set from here. Ideally, you’d use a LP for every individual product / set of products that fall in the same category. It’s unlike your product page which has multiple options to choose from. It’s very targeted and should have minimal and hard hitting copy for conversions.

That's all for today. I hope you have a great week ahead. I’m loving the appreciation for this newsletter coming from everywhere, it’s so encouraging and humbling.

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