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Saksham Mendiratta
Product Design Checklist for High Growth Ventures

Ending the year with a highly tactical checklist for product & business teams of high growth ventures.

Hey You,

It’s the last week of the year 2021.

Was it me or did you also feel that this year just flashed through everything that happened. Well, my understanding is that all the pent up energy from 2020 was what drove most of this year’s growth, across demand & supply trends. And while we still recover from the onset of the pandemic across some sectors (like supply-chain), we’re set on an upward growth trajectory across most consumer facing businesses.

Well, I bring good news along with this edition. The past few months of writing have been a terrific experience for me. It’s gotten me connected with some of the most intellectual minds in business out there and definitely helped structure my thoughts. Most importantly, it instilled a sense of discipline. So thank you to everyone who read, forwarded this and added more people to my subscription list. We’re now 1000 readers and I know it will only compound from here on.

Here’s a picture of how the last 90 days have panned out with our subscribers. It’s so unreal and gives me so much satisfaction to see the steady subscriber growth.

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Diving in: Today’s newsletter is definitely the most tactical I’ve ever written. It’s for every business that’s in the $1mn to $100 mn journey of scale. It’s for business & product teams at large.

So we spoke to 20 high-growth consumer-tech businesses in India (6 of whom are unicorns, 2 public companies and the rest are gearing up for becoming one, next year). This has been brewing for the past 12 weeks at Lights Out and along with our experience of working on some of the most prolific consumer-tech businesses in India, we’ve come up with a high-level Product Design Checklist for High-Growth Businesses.

Internally, we were conflicted if we should monetise this report or collection of insights and more to come in the future. But unless we look at it as a positive-sum game, the product design evolution in India wouldn't match up to the west on systemisation & innovation.

So here’s an absolutely no-charge checklist on the questions product & business teams must discuss internally, as well as with their core customers, while scaling a product.

Link:Product Design Checklist for “High Growth” Consumer-Tech Businesses

It’s also the first time I’m adding in an external link in my newsletter. I’d love for you to share it within your teams and get more people to go through it. And I’ll be sure to add in many more of these in the coming months.

I’m going to shamelessly plug in an interesting e-commerce project that we worked on. Check it out for the innovation in it’s UX, art direction and of course custom development & revenue boosting plug-ins: Nik’s Bodega

Well, that’s it from me in this one. Lots of exciting things are coming up in the next few weeks, as I also launch Season 2 of my podcast Design Grid. I wish you all a very prosperous 2022. 

Until then,

With Gratitude,