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Saksham Mendiratta
Founders Move Out; New Leadership Takes Over

Lights Out started in 2018 where Adil Singh & Saksham Mendiratta kickstarted work as a digital agency back in the day. Very soon they realised that in order to become a formidable player, they had to pick their niche. And that's where they rebranded to a studio.

Having worked with clients like Cult Fit, Fittr, Kapiva, Multipl, Dezy, to name a few, Lights Out is one of India’s leading product & design consulting studio. We stand tall on our culture and have proprietary frameworks for working on product strategy.

Saksham & Adil have led the studio for nearly 5 years since its inception and have now decided to move on, to focus on their new entrepreneurial venture, Sosh. Entrepreneurs are often excited by the 0-1 mindset and their passion for building their own product has always risen to the surface. They continue to remain advisors to the studio in the coming months.

But as they move out, they’ve handed over the reins of this highly successful studio to Nikhil Rao who takes over as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Anudeep Borusu who takes over as Chief Product Officer (CPO).

Anudeep & Nikhil have long been part of the Lights Out team and have a deep rooted understanding of what it takes for this studio to grow & succeed. They’ve been involved across every major project that the studio has handled and do enjoy strong relationships with every single customer.

To both the duos, here’s wishing for an amazing time in the years to come. For us, the team, we continue to gear up for a new year, new season and a new championship.

Until next time, it’s Lights Out.