Why not?

Pushing the boundaries, no matter the odds. We’re talking to India’s top digital brands, through the minds of those who can make or break.

Why not, always be positive?

“Can’t be done”
“Wait and watch”
“Let others take the lead”

Hearing these words around you, didn’t stop you from being you. We noticed the work past few weeks. Every action pushed out positivity for what lies ahead, not behind. That’s why, we want to speak to you, the mastermind. And share the learning.

Progress so far

Interviewed some exciting opinion leaders through the past few days. We’re now talking to brand custodians of Direct to Consumer brands in India to understand their share of learnings.

Rohit Tugnait

Commercial Director at VICE Media

Vibha Gupta

Strategy Consultant at McCann Worldgroup

Chaitanya Rele

CMO at Simpl Innovative Brands