The Tech Dilemma – Does Age Matter in Learning Technology?

As I tried different applications in my first week as an intern, thoughts on tech dilemma bothered me. Does age matter in technology?

When I first entered the field of design with Lights Out, I was suddenly exposed to the many technical terms, professional applications and so many short forms (ig, idk?) and quick texting, that left me feeling like my mother using WhatsApp. Yes, I felt old. There, I said it. I am twenty-two years old, and here’s when I felt really old. This got me thinking. Why do we always associate technical brilliance with youth? Why do we always believe that youngsters are generally better at technology, and when we are exposed to newness, we feel old? Tech and Senior Citizens Senior citizens have always been known to struggle with technology. Most of the time, one of the reasons that are cited is poor health. Visual impairments, hearing ailments are often taken into consideration here. But besides the health issues, the fundamental problem that senior citizens face is the lack of knowledge to use technology. So, for someone old, learning technology is like learning a new skill with absolutely no idea of what it is. This was when I came across a heartwarming article of a 14 year old conducting classes to help senior citizens become tech-savvy. The article talked about how this little kid was extremely patient with the learners, making them feel comfortable in the learning process. Does Age Matter in Tech? Considering health matters, age does matter in learning technology. However, learning a new technology is more about the right mindset of the learner. It would also require a very patient teacher to help. Unfamiliarity will make any human being uncomfortable. As humans, our brains are wired to reject anything new. It confuses the brain and gives us signals to stay away. Thus, it requires willpower to change these signals from the brain and tell them, I want to learn this and I will. Thus, even if you’re comparatively young, you would also initially be confused. However, since you may have a baseline knowledge of technology, you will pick things up quickly. Why is Learning New Technology Important for businesses? A significant characteristic of a good entrepreneur or company is an open mind. The world is evolving every day, with high technological advancements. A salary book that required months of efforts of writing and calculating has been now made easier with effective software tools. Learning new technology will help your business grow and use the right technology to support this growth. How do you learn new technology? The initial step towards learning to use new technology is to face the challenge in the eye and say that you can overcome it. Honestly, half the problem gets solved here. Learning anything new requires a bit of confidence and a push for yourself from your own mind. Another important factor is a mind to actually understand the importance of learning something new. Mostly, when we face something new and unfamiliar, we tend to stick to our comfort zone and believe that anything new is no longer needed. This is basically a coping mechanism to our own fear of not understanding something rather than the actual rejection of the technology. Also, don’t give up so easily. You may find it challenging to do something initially using new technology, but do not give up. Practice a lot, and soon, you will also be one of the professionals that everyone would ask for advice!

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