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Helping you get stronger than yesterday.

  • Client : Sajil Shah
  • Project Category : UX strategy and Product Design

The Challenge

Online Fitness eco-system is saturated with various platforms and workout programs with hollow promises. Platforms today fail to understand the user’s psychology for a sustained fitness journey. Majority of the users set extremely high goals in their fitness journey but fail to keep at it.

Biggest challenge is to overcome the resistance to START your fitness journey and not reach the goal. Making it easy to just jump into a workout daily as a beginner is not something other platforms focus on.


The outcome

We created a product that gets you started on your fitness journey first than have you reach the finish line. Product’s aim is to make you strongr than yesterday – marginal improvements that’ll eventually lead to a compounded result in your fitness journey.


Design Rationale

We built an experience that instils energy and encourages you to take the first step towards your health and fitness.

We’ve made sure users are able to make strong relations with the trainers themselves and in turn keep their accountability high towards fitness.

Core UX of the application is focussed on the right balance between simplicity and discoverability of the right kind of workouts.

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