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Lomi by Pela

Lomi by Pela

Turn waste to compost with a Single Button. Revolutionise the way you deal with waste while giving back to earth. Lomi can reduce waste footprint by up to 50%.

  • Client : Pela Earth
  • Project Category : Brand Identity, Brand Positioning & Landing Page design



The Challenge

Coming up with an identity & website for a technology product, so advanced, that you’d want to own a piece of it for your kitchen.


The outcome

We created a brand that targets your mindset, as a conscious consumer and also protects the environment.


Landing page


Concept Landing page


Design Rationale

The home is a special intimate place, and people are very selective about what they welcome into it. Our vision was to build a simple design language that stands for quality, authenticity while being extremely welcoming.

We went with the ‘simple’ route, but it was also the hardest route. The simpler it is, the more of a chance it has to fade into the background and go with the other things in someone’s home. We wanted to hit that nice level of a high-quality piece of upholstered furniture

To find the right brand color system we thought about the context of where it might appear and studied home design trends. For example, marble and granite kitchen counters are popular so Lomi had to look good next to natural stones.

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Brand Design System

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