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  • Client : Healthathon Tech.
  • Project Category : UI/UX, Brand Strategy, Application Development

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A new digital product

A healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy body and mind. Brainchild of a disruptive startup, Healthathon Tech had an idea which we further developed, nurtured and created – from concept level to pilot testing, as a robust technology partner and not a mere app developer. Our aim was to co-create a health app that will be seen as a daily coach/guide to a fitter life.

Validating the idea

The goal of the new health app was to simply make – effective, dependable and relatable health goals that could be achieved every day by everyone. This approach skimmed from an innate psychological research and study which we conducted along with top physicians/doctors who were empanelled with us, to help us build well-researched, customizable health assessment modules.

Health Assessment: After the onboarding details are filled in, the user is then asked to answer bite-sized questions in order to access his/her health condition. These questions range from physical fitness to mental well-being, nutrition intake to general body awareness. Nothing is more important than the state of our mental being. Ways to reduce stress, control anxiety, develop better breathing techniques, mannerisms of self-love are also taught in each module.

Peer Groups: Our peer groups impact our thinking deeply, which is why lifestyle tasks of regulating alcohol intake, increasing sleeping hours and reducing smoking was also built in, for a holistic approach towards health and well-being.

The Blog (Healthopaedia): Users don’t just benefit with bits of information, often a curation helps them see the bigger picture. Hence, we curate content on a daily basis, as per the user’s activity and health profile.

The Leaderboard: With gamification as our go-to design strategy here, we gave a sense of composition to all users as they stacked up against other users across the country. This gave a sense of community, competition and passion – much required while chasing a daily goal.

Diagnostic Lab Module: No matter what our efforts are in improving our health standards, diagnostic help should always be within reach. With this belief, we gave all users the option to buy any diagnostic test they wish to undertake, as per their location, in collaboration with top accredited centres.

Making Appointments: Should any user need to access a doctor, all their past, existing and pending appointments are seen in one page, along with clinic/lab details.

The Health tracker: This is a robust module which fetches data from Apple Health Kit, Fitness Wearables and other such leading health apps in order to display – all essential health parameters that users can make use of, to track their progress.

Product UI design

The framework of each module was built in a manner wherein, the latest of scientific research, machine learning, clinical research, public health guidelines would be screened, everyday by Happily Health’s core in-house team of doctors and healthcare experts.

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