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  • Client : Ace of Pubs
  • Project Category : UI/UX, Brand Strategy, Application Development

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Finding the opportunity

It was another usual pubbing night, when Tilak hit upon a great business idea while debating on his favourite subjects with friends. While pubbing is a usual city-bred, late night activity amongst the young, quizzing in a pub is not. Thus, India’s first quiz in a pub, exclusive community build-up called Ace of Pubs took birth in early 2019, today popularly known as AOP.

Going where the user is

AOP brought people together in a captured setting like a pub where each table is buzzing with ideas, debates, thoughts, questions, discoveries and theories. Along with the client, we visited top pubs in Mumbai and Pune in order to understand footfall patterns, user behaviour, current pubbing styles, government regulations and so on. After careful evaluation of the pointers mentioned, we dress up a design framework to create and design the AOP app, in line with the on-ground launch and daily activities.

Our challenge was to keep the brand talk and event activities feel seamless to every user. As the pilot testing in Mumbai started, here is what we created for this project.

How did effective design compliment the business plan?

Once inside a bar/pub during the weekday, users were informed about the AOP special topic of quiz in each pub. Tables had the choice to choose their own topic or simply continue with the topic given. Each table automatically denoted a team and the team had to register via the app – through a unique geo-location-based pin code system, valid for a few minutes only. This helped link the on-ground event with the app.

As the teams played on various millennial-friendly quiz topics ranging from Harry Potter to Game of Thrones, live win and lose status was updated on the app every minute. Table numbers and team were given validation and upon winning or even for participation, each table was given additional rewards for drawing repeat visits.

Here are some of the key pointers kept in mind while designing this unique interface:
1. Fluid navigation styles to move from one topic to another.
2. Wide range of topics to choose from depending on personal choices.
3. Ability to bring, share and push friends to join a user.
4. Social media linking across each stage to promote the activity stages.

5. Geo-location based choice of pubs.
6. Geo-location based m-pins to participate in the quiz with security.

7. Access to pub benefits, rewards, repeat visit discounts and amenities.
8. Fostering a sense of quizzer community.

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