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India’s first women’s health drink for PCOS and PCOD.

  • Client : Merhakifoods
  • Project Category : Brand Package Design, Design Landscape Research, Product Line Architecture

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Thriving on innovation, &Me is an entrepreneurial venture that started in 2019 with one core aim – that of providing a nutritious, self-care drink to the rising Indian woman.

The enterprise is committed to providing delicious, high quality, nutrient dense products designed only for women. While doing so, &me was launching a new product line, with an aim to help women overcome the growing health challenges of PCOS and PCOD with a soothing drink, as simple as a cup of tea!

They approached us to develop a new brand language and packaging suite that reflected &me’s premium quality of the product and the core aim. This was quite a challenge given the fact that the female-centric product market was already clouded with eye-catching design and pomp. Not only did we have to design a new packaging, but we also had to bear in mind that our new design that to be effective enough to show the varied flavours and consumer benefits as well.



For this project, we wanted to focus on a style of packaging that was simple and minimal in design. We wanted to drive focus on the consumer benefits of the outcome of sipping this herbal tea.

Stage 1

We made a quick list of the pilot learning study and drew out our takeaways from it, which could then be utilised for design.

Stage 2

We did an extensive offline design landscape study and discovered various package and shelf designs by different brands within the same the sector which draws people's attention at supermarket stores. It helped us define a good shopping experience and what exactly customers look out for before making a purchase.

Stage 3

From here on we started our design process. Some key principles kept in mind were, how do we: stand out, increase visibility, express core usability, drive purchase in a new category, design with the retail store in mind, drive key messages through design elements, test usability and engage with customers.


The packaging created used simple design elements like – line illustrations and bold colours. Primary colour of the packaging was maintained white so as not stand out from the &me core branding colours. A simple and information-driven packaging style was created to make this product likeable, approachable and worthy of a trial in the first phase of its launch.


Offline Research


While the final product design went on shelf, across 400 retail stores and online portals, we were pleased to see consumer’s love for the brand. Despite competition within the juice drink category, &me’s bioactive PMS beverages for women has already earned 2 Lac loyal customers.

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