Product Manager

Lights Out is hiring a Product Manager with a deep understanding of direct to Consumer products and brands. We’ll be accepting applications for the next 8 weeks, with a flexible start date between November to December.

About the Job

We work with high-growth consumer brands to solve their business challenges. You should be able to work across business strategy and build a direct correlation with design & experience.

At Lights out every problem we solve is design led, so you’ll have a lot of influence and impact right away across all projects.

Understanding product design and customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. As a Product Manager, you’ll be working on projects that involve mobile and web interfaces of some of the most groundbreaking and innovative companies. You might be solving challenges like acquisition or retention or simply enhancing the customer experience for these brands or rethinking how we at Lights Out do something at the core of our process.

You’ll be working with and in Lights Out’s core team along with some of our very talented friends around the globe. We do not shy away from collaborating or learning from the best in the Industry.

As Product Manager you’ll set the process, direction, take ownership, make calls, budgets, dabble between strategy & design and finally see things through without a lot of oversight. You’ll be able to communicate clearly with your colleagues, work across teams, and lend a helping hand when needed.

You care about how data, research and how design bridges the gap to a large business challenge.You may not know everything, but you can pick up fast. You like to see projects to fruition and build strong, lasting relationships with everyone around you.

Here are some things we’ve put together to give you a sense of what you’ll be doing day-to-day :

◉ Understanding the product/business vision of the founder and mapping it back to how you’ll achieve the same by building a robust product roadmap.

◉ Build out strategic wireframes & sitemaps for e-commerce & mobile apps to align the vision.

◉ Pitching in creative business solutions to approach a business problem through a design-thinking framework

◉ Conduct in-depth analysis of the market landscape to bring in best practices across design & thinking into play, along with the UX team

◉ Own the business design of every project that you are working on.

◉ Planning sprints for the entire process and liaise with the design & development teams

◉ Presenting your solutions with utmost clarity, timelines & budgets

◉ Work with designers, developers and researchers to synthesize the most optimum solutions for our brands.

◉ You’ll be picking up your passion projects/assignments under Lights Out along with other team members on a monthly basis

◉ Working on improving Lights Out core design processes

We have a hybrid working culture of remote & in-office working. If you’re applying from India, the profile would be based in office in Bengaluru.

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About Us

At Lights Out, we are a bunch of people who before coming together, shared one thing in common – the desire to create amazing experiences (human, tech, brand, product) and passion for innovation. It was the premise of why we started working on brands & products and it remains non-negotiable when we onboard anyone new into the team. We design products to solve real-life problems. With everyone joining the team, we look for and emulate the following values:

◉ Ownership – Every aspect of what you do, who you are and how you work, needs to emulate the highest levels of ownership. We need you to #BeFuckingResponsible for everything that you do. The buck stops with you.

◉ Passion – We are in the field of design & creativity. Unless there’s passion for what you do, unless there’s every cell in your body which aspires to service a brand or product to perfection, we won’t be able to create great work. And that would defeat the purpose of our existence. So passion for us isn’t something that you bring to the table, it’s the reason why you would join a boutique team like us.

◉ Fairness & Integrity – While working with customers of all types, projects that take days to complete and results that are incomparable to what anyone could have imagined, you will be faced with a plethora of minor challenges, around staying true to yourself. And towards your team. It’s a value that would help you sail through our policies and our culture. It’s what would define who you are. And that’s why we want you in the team. This isn’t a value that you can develop over time, it’s something that you are bred with.

◉ Performance – We focus on the results and not a stickler for processes and structures. We look for high performing individuals who can not only move fast but move together. It’s easy to write admirable values; it’s harder to live them. But unless you have these, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your time here at Lights Out.

It’s easy to write admirable values; it’s harder to live them. But unless you have these, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your time here at Lights Out.

Benefits & Compensation

Lights Out has a more entrepreneurial mindset that we like to fuel into our team. The base salary for this position, depending on your experience would be anywhere between INR 12L to INR 25L per annum.

Benefits at Lights Out are all about helping you lead a healthy life outside of work. We believe quality time to focus on work starts with quality time to think, exercise, prepare a meal, be with family & friends, and of course, time to yourself.

We work 5-day work weeks, prefer you don’t schedule too many calls in one day, help you with medical insurance and don’t really have the concept of designated number of leaves. If you want a break, you take a break. Just manage your work, let your coworkers know and there’s no record of such leaves.

In addition, we offer incentives in two parts:

a.) For every new account you win or extend, for the quality of work you’ve done, you get a direct % of the revenue.

b.) We also have the policy of team incentives. The whole team takes a percentage of the yearly profits home, after a 1 year cliff in the company.

How to Apply

We take every application seriously, whether or not you make it. So just write in to us on and send in some of these bits about you:

1. A detailed, well crafted portfolio of work: this is key for a position like Product Manager

2. Tell us a bit about yourself, your last stint and why you’re looking to move out

3. Give us a hint of what an ideal profile looks like for you

4. What’s your last drawn CTC and your expectation from your next stint

5. And lastly give us in on what a typical or an ideal weekend looks like for you. We wanna hear all about your interests, hobbies and passions.

The subject of this email would be: “Application for Product Manager | Ref: Website”

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