#AtHome with Lights Out : To Learn

It feels like I grew by a few years in the past couple of months.

My journey after college began with working for the 2019 General Elections, where I helped come up with a novel voter engagement and participation strategy built around- millennials. It was a 6 month long stint around long hours, unprecedented times when we used to be summoned to office and lots of Twitter buzz on a day to day basis. My interest and inclination around reading sprung up right from there.

Then when I came to work for Lights Out, my daily schedule was very different. Frequent travel between Mumbai & Pune, working on sales & marketing campaigns, business analysis, going in for pitches, glued to my phone and then partying hard on weekends is how 2019 ended for me. Came March 2020, surprise and shock hit everyone around and so was I a victim of forcibly working from home.

As social as I like to be, it wasn’t the same. The first few days felt somewhat trapped, yet privileged. And 15 days into my schedule, I stopped tracking the news on a day to day basis. I took solace in new learning. Got a hang of some courses online and started immersing myself into those.

It’s not until you are pushed into a corner that you learn to adapt. It feels like I grew by a few years in the past couple of months. I’ll admit that even though I’m just 22, i do turn the volume button on my home speaker, to the left. Helping at home got me more connected to my family. And a sense of discipline around my daily life became the new normal. New normal, a phrase so highly abused on social media though.

I think with the times that we are living in, basic necessities are obviously a blessing lesser acknowledged, but the fact that we’re with our families, with time to read, cook, work and just sleep, is privilege too.

(#AtHome with Lights Out is a mini series of individual expression, from our team’s perspective on what their typical day during this quarantine period looks like; what they’ve experienced and little learnings that they’d like to share with everyone.)

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