#AtHome with Lights Out : To Acknowledge

Take nothing for granted, my mother always said. I knew she was right, but I didn’t know how it felt. Now, I do.

There is an awakened sense of purpose, without the bite of blind competition. That’s how I would put it, if you asked me what I feel once awake. Pre-Covid and Post-Covid are two different worlds apart. As a professional I am the same, but the way I am reacting to a business situation is not. I used to wake up when the alarm rang at 7 am, but now, I wake up to the chirping of birds that wander. I’ve tried shaking off the alarm habit and I must say, waking up with nature is fun. The morning rituals have been kept the same, except that I am far more self-reliant than ever. Instead of waiting for the doorbell to ring, I am up and at it on my own, in my kitchen. The first thing to hit my tastebuds are soaked raisins and a pinch of fiery saffron. Drink it up along with copper soaked alkaline water and you’re charged enough to face a bull for the day. Barely 15 minutes into yoga, my stomach starts growling and my mind travels to the kitchen as my body tries hard to balance the asana. Making breakfast was a sign of love ever since I grew up, so I keep it alive within me. The convent educated Bengali devours English breakfast and then the calls begin. The mind fragments tasks into ‘done’ and ‘undone’, ‘what’s important’ and ‘what’s not’, the ‘why’s’ battle the ‘how’s’ and when all the mental chaos settles down – it’s time to enact. Since, I mostly answer to my stomach growls far more than my phone calls, I take breaks in between to think of ideas, campaigns, innovative ways to solve a challenge – while stirring up some authentic dal tadka (if feeling nostalgic) or tossing up some chicken pasta (if feeling bohemian). When a client’s call ends with a ‘thank you so much’ note and the warm food glides onto my serving plate with love, I am left with nothing but gratitude for the people, love, abundance and warmth we’re blessed to have around us. Take nothing for granted, my mother always said. I knew she was right, but I didn’t know how it felt. Now, I do.

(#AtHome with Lights Out is a mini series of individual expression, from our team’s perspective on what their typical day during this quarantine period looks like; what they’ve experienced and little learnings that they’d like to share with everyone.)

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